Birthing classes you can enjoy at your own pace.  When you want. Where you want.

Set yourself up for the most positive birth possible and feel confident when bringing baby home.

As a first-time mom-to-be, these online prenatal classes proved to be a valuable resource that I regularly relied on and returned to answer questions, understand my pregnancy and prepare for labor and postpartum needs. Sylvia is a warm, grounded and knowledgeable instructor which was very reassuring for me. 

- Jenna Jones, August 2020


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No words can explain it better than this 90 second teaser.


A Lovely Review From A Lovely Student

Sylvia Otvos is a doula, a mom of three, and the founder of Rock the Cradle, a thriving doula agency that has supported over a thousand parents-to-be since 2012.

After attending over 200 births, she discovered that the way a woman gives birth can have a lasting impact on the birth story she shares, how her body heals, how close she feels to her partner, and even the bond she forms with her new baby.

Her mission: prepare first-time parents for their baby's arrival so they have the most positive birth and parenting experiences possible.

Yes, Let's Do This!

You will tell your birth story for the rest of your life. 

Let's make it an amazing one.


Your Birth Story

No restricting schedule

Flexibility! Watch at your own pace. When you want. Where you want.

All you need to know

One class and you're done! Start and finish your childbirth education with us.

Fun and engaging

We're so confident you'll be thrilled with our classes that we'll refund you if you're not.

From belly to baby

Go back to the lessons even after baby is born. Useful for breastfeeding and newborn care.


Not Your Average Birthing Classes

At Rock the Cradle, we decided to do things differently. For these online birthing classes, we have created an immersive experience by featuring real moms, real dads and real babies. 

With over 5 hours of video content broken down into short, easy-to-follow lessons, we will show you all about labour, delivery, breastfeeding, and newborn care.

Meet Sylvia


Birthing classes you can enjoy at your own pace.

Set yourself up for the most positive birth possible and feel confident when bringing baby home.

No words can explain it better than this 90 second teaser.


What You'll Learn

Breastfeeding 101 - Why is it that something so natural can be so hard for many? Tips and tools to make your breastfeeding experience as positive as possible!

Breastfeeding positions - Changing positions helps avoid potential issues.

Pumping your milk and bottle feeding - The dos and don'ts.

Breastfeeding common issues - Blocked ducts and mastitis.... they happen. How to prevent and how to treat them.

Healing physically after birth - How to take care of yourself to relieve the swelling and the soreness of your perineum.

Healing emotionally after birth - Baby blues, postpartum depression... How and when to get help.

Grooming your baby - Bath, nail cutting and umbilical cord care.

How to change a diaper - Watch a live demonstration with a real baby.

Ways to soothe a crying baby - Crying is a way for baby to communicate. Learn their language and some calming techniques.

To swaddle or not to swaddle - A step by step tutorial of the swaddle technique.

Bedtime routines - Newborn sleep cycles and how to help babies adjust to your days and nights.

What is informed consent? - The importance of being part of the decision making process.

Your anatomy and hormones - How your body is made to give birth and which hormones help you relieve pain, create breastmilk, and bond with your baby.

Why is labour so long? - The many factors that affect the length of your birth. 

When should you go to the hospital? - Recognize the signs of impending labour.

Dealing with intense contractions - All about active labour and natural ways to cope with pain.

Best positions to help baby descend - On your back is not one of them.

Massage and acupressure - You'll want to make sure your partner watches this one with you. 

How do I push my baby out? - Learn about the different pushing positions and try them out.

Medical interventions - The benefits and the risks for each one of them.

How can your partner help? - Getting the right support is key for a positive birth.

What's a doula? - Your own fairy godmother.

Baby is born. Now what? - Everything that happens in the first hour of your baby's life.

Skin to skin - A wonderful way to bond with your baby.

 When you want. Where you want.